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The 3 Week Diet – Lose that belly fat in just 21 days!

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet promises you losses of 12-23 lbs in just 21 days (hence the name). It sounded crazy, unbelievable, unimaginable, etc. until I actually bought it. They offer you a money back guarantee, so I figured there’d be no risk and if anything I’d have something to blog about for you guys. They claim this is an all natural weight loss approach along with a specialized plan that they have developed for you to follow. This whole program used to be $97, but they’ve cut down the price now by $50 so it’s only $47 now. Amazing price when you think about it, that’s a one month gym membership, except you get to keep this with you forever! You get 4 manuals to aid you in this 21 day weight loss journey:

The Introduction Manual: They don’t talk about anything to do with an actual diet here, they actually go deeper and go through the actual science of how we gain and lose weight and what they say MUST be done in order to get rid of the “stubborn body fat.”The Diet Manual: Well, we’re not all the same weight and same body type so a one-diet-fits-all approach isn’t something that would work here. They avoid that problem completely by having you actually do the calculations to get your measures and then they provide you with a weight loss plan that is specifically geared towards your body. Doesn’t that just MAKE SENSE ?The Workout Manual: Honestly the diet manual alone would do the trick for most people but the workout manual really hammers it home allowing you to almost double your results compared to just using their diet manual alone. They took the time to develop 2 programs, 1 for the people that have time to work out and the second is for people that don’t have the time. However, those that don’t have time are left without an excuse because it takes 20 minutes a day, 3-4 times per week. They say that the secret weight loss formula here isn’t about jogging on a treadmill for an hour, it’s about sprinting, going at high intensity because if you had a choice between a 20 minute intense workout and a 1 and a half hour leisure workout they choose 20 minutes every time. They show you exactly what exercises target every single muscle and get your whole entire body engaged.Mind-State & Motivational Manual: It’s actually funny to me, I would’ve never thought that out of the 4 manuals THIS ONE would be the most important one. Well, I guess in a way it makes sense. If you don’t have that mind state and that motivational energy within you then none of this is going to happen for you. They really have some good secrets and tips in here about getting your head to the point where you know that this is something you need to do, they teach you how to make all this be like breathing, you won’t even have to think about it when you’re done with this.

Now to the results for me lol. Something ended up coming up for me so I was unable to really do anything for 4-5 days out of the 3 weeks but somehow I still ended up losing 18 lbs and there’s no doubt in my mind at least that if I was good to go for those days I was out I could’ve easily got to the 23 lbs if not even a little bit more. Ok maybe I’m just being pushy now haha, but I’m incredibly happy with my results and to be honest I thought this was going to be a bad review saying how they are promising something unrealistic and how their product sucks and how I asked for my money back, etc. I’m pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t the case and I feel a big difference in my life right now. Believe me, when you lose all this weight and you’re walking around 20 lbs lighter, you’ll fell a difference in your life too. The owner of this program actually gives you his contact information where you can email him or instant message him if you have any questions about anything at all, I didn’t end up needing this but I’m mentioning it cause who knows maybe you will.
Try it out today completely risk free, if you’re not satisfied you’ll get your money back, but there’s no way you won’t be smiling from cheek to cheek once you’re done the 21 days because you’ll see a completely different person in the mirror!

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